CSI Talent Pro

Talent Pro is a unique platform that connects organizations with qualified and licensed candidates to fill active opportunities. Find the right candidates, faster

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    How does it work?

    STEP 1 CSI will work with your organization to gather the recruitment requirements, including location, skills, licensing, etc.

    STEP 2 CSI will evaluate the requirements of the role against its database of candidates and securely communicate the opportunity to the identified individuals.

    STEP 3 CSI will provide a validated list of approved qualified candidates for your final review and screening. It’s that easy.

    What are the key benefits?


    Trusted Provider

    Candidates trust CSI to build their expertise, resulting in higher engagement and responsiveness for job openings.

    CSI Learners

    Connect with learners who are seeking new employment in the Canadian financial services industry with verified course/licensing credentials.

    Customized Templates

    Use customized company branded templates to reach out to candidates through CSI’s trusted messaging channels.